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Advocacy Initiatives

It's time #ForNature.

The most important aspect of conservation science is taking results from the field to the table in international policy settings. Decision makers and management institutions rely on scientists to be an objective voice for nature, and it's our job as scientists and researchers to make sure that our efforts are presented and integrated to formulate the most effective management strategies. 


Proposing Species Specific Rights of Nature Advances in the Ocean Environment!

Sea turtles now have rights in Panama, the first time a marine species group was given rights on a national level globally!

International news coverage in Associated Press, EcoHustler, Euro News, etc.

Article 29 of Panamanian Law 371 states:

"Protection of the rights of turtles and their habitats. The State will guarantee that natural and legal persons protect the rights of sea turtles and their habitats, such as the right to live and have free passage in a healthy environment, free of contamination and other anthropocentric impacts that cause physical and health damage, such as climate change, pollution, bycatch, coastal development and unregulated tourism, among others. 

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It's time #ForNature

We proposed Panamanian Law 287, which "Recognizes the Rights of Nature and the State Obligations to Uphold These Rights."

International news coverage in Inside Climate News, EcoWatch, Grist, etc.   

Rights for Nature is an international campaign dedicated to the legal recognition of the rights for nature. We work with local environmentalists, lawyers, biologists and legislators to propose and draft new legislation recognizing these rights. 

 Nature has intrinsic value and deserves to be respected through the seeking of a harmonious balance with humanity and an abandonment of the perspective that nature is simply a resource to be harvested. 

This campaign is so important because it aims to change the direct way in which society interacts with and considers nature. 


Increased Protections for Marine Life -  Panama

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Increased Protections for Marine Life -  Panama

Together #ForNature

The Leatherback Project is collaborating with SENAN (Servicio Nacional Aeronaval) to increase environmental awareness within local communities and prepare SENAN service people to handle delicate circumstances of wildlife trafficking and poaching. We are grateful to SENAN for its commitment to enforcing existing environmental regulations to protect endangered species.


Urgent Bycatch Reduction Efforts - Ecuador

Collaborating with government agencies in Ecuador to develop urgent bycatch reduction measures

Due to the country's extensive fishing industry, Ecuador is responsible for around 87% of sea turtle fisheries bycatch in the Southeast Pacific. We are collaborating with the Vice Ministry of Fisheries and Production, the National Fisheries Institute and the Subsecretariat of Fisheries Resources to develop a national bycatch reduction program and plan for the next several years.

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