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We are collaborating with many fishermen, local biologists, university students, and government agencies internationally

Our work would not be possible without the support of local communities! We are thankful to have the support of fishing communities and the opportunity to engage in the sharing of perspectives for mutual growth and brainstorming ocean conservation solutions. We have given many presentations and lectures to open the doors to conversations about the greatest threats facing our oceans today and to foster discussions about feasible collaborative advances that can be made for sustainable use of our oceans.

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Collaboration with Local Universities

Meet our amazing team of student volunteers!

The Leatherback Project is comprised of local biologists, university students and fishermen collaborators! Our work wouldn't be possible without the efforts of dedicated individuals on the ground willing to take the time to have an impact for conservation. University students have the opportunity to complete their thesis projects through the work of the organization.


Public Lectures & Discussions

Sharing the need for conservation across communities and societal sectors

We are inviting collaboration and sharing the need for urgent conservation action through various public lectures and discussions in local communities. These discussions not only involve The Leatherback Project's current initiatives, but also the role of marine biodiversity in healthy ocean ecosystems and the need for urgent action to protect our oceans.


Environmental Education

Chatting about ocean conservation with the next generation

We are making an effort to reach all age groups with conversations about the health of ocean ecosystems and the urgent actions that need to be taken to safeguard the ocean for future generations.

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